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ALLPAY LLC is an independent provider of credit card processing services, point of sale systems, payroll services, working capital loans, and gift and loyalty programs headquartered in Waukee, Iowa, a suburb of Des Moines.

Experience proves merchants need an independent source to partner with them find the best solution for THEIR business needs. With multiple providers at our disposal, ALLPAY will be able to connect you with the right providers to provide the best solutions for your business needs. We are adept at finding solutions for in-store, mobile, e-commerce, contactless and virtual payments.

If you need Point of Sale solutions, we have multiple sources at our disposal. We are also a resource for Business Financing, with access to multiple lenders.

With ALLPAY, you will never be locked into a long-term credit card processing contract or experience hidden fees…so NO annual fees, NO monthly minimums, and NO early termination fees. With ALLPAY you will never experience high-pressure sales or bait & switch tactics.

Not being constrained by large corporate pricing mandates, ALLPAY is able to find the right pricing model for YOUR business. The companies that use ALLPAY to meet their needs, ALL receive substantial savings or other efficiencies. Our innovative cash discount program allows businesses to eliminate almost all costs for processing credit cards.

We pride ourselves in offering the proper, transparent solutions to suit your needs and are here to help you find the services you want, answer any questions, and help you realize success!

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your current business needs.

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